UkhoTECH is an Architecture, Engineering, Education and Consulting firm established in 2015 to provide collaborative solutions in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. It offers comprehensive virtual design, construction and project management services utilizing Building Information Modeling, a technology process that has revolutionized the entire construction industry.

UkhoTECH provides BIM Consulting, BIM Application Support and BIM Training Services with a professional and corporate perspective to the construction industry, and bring a new approach to the design, implementation and documentation of projects. Among the BIM consultancy portfolio of UkhoTEch are 43 stores Waldorf Astoria Tower, Doha, 100.000 m 2 , Folkart Life Izmir, 109.000 m 2 , Bosch Factory, Manisa, 65.000 m 2 , Grand Delux, Baku, 115.000 m 2 , Folkart Time, Izmir , 43.100 m 2 , Yuri Gagarin International Airport, etc. 

Address: Adalet Mahallesi, Manas Bulvarı No:39 Folkart B Kule, Floor 32 Office: 3201 Bayraklı / İzmir

Website: Contact email: [email protected]