As a closed system, Planet Earth relies on cyclic mechanisms that provide the necessities of the living things in its ecosystem. The survival of humankind depends on the continuity of these cycles and its material base. The living environment that supports the modern human culture is formed through intelligent modifications of the physical world to satisfy human beings’ safety, comfort, interaction, and development. The largest portion of these adaptations is concentrated in cities. Hence, optimizations of the mega-trends such as population growth, climate change, de-carbonization, and efficient energy and material usage should be answered in relation to cities. On top of their basic services, cities need to be efficient, resilient, and environment friendly. However, conventional management strategies cannot satisfy these demands. Integrated Building Design Approach (IBDA) through Building Information Modeling (BIM) has the potential to be the required management framework to answer the current challenges.


GreenBIM responds to this need with its target to develop a market-oriented MSc in BIM and Energy Efficiency Buildings – equivalent program. It aims to produce content for the training of professionals at the forefront of the technology that could contribute to designing and managing the structures’ energy efficiency through BIM. The content will pave the way for smart buildings that could enable efficient production and use of renewables at house, district or city level. Combined with smart energy distribution systems, they will enable highly efficient and zero-emission buildings.